I’m currently building this site as a place to keep all my short stories and to discuss the process of writing. Over the last few years I’ve entered a number of stories in the NYC Midnight writing competitions with increasing success. Last year my short story ‘Curtain Call’ placed 10th in the finals. Each story assignment has presented unique challenges and for that reason, I have become aware of my own process of writing and editing. Some stories were built around ideas, images or characters, some were deliberate subversions of a genre and others came together in a slow but deliberate and often painful process. Some use a range of different motifs or text types within the story, some are non-linear, have multiple perspectives, some use a three part structure and others are more about landscape. I’ll probably enter the short screenplay challenge at some point, once I get my head around that particular form.

If you’re a budding writer yourself and are keen to examine a range of genres, this page is very handy.

Happy reading…and writing.