The Story Stream

Over the last few years I have gotten much better at writing short stories. I have always loved to write but it”s never been a serious pursuit; and it’s still not. Not really. Most of my time is spent at work as a teacher, or at home with my family, or in my garden. I’ve been entering some writing competitions recently and have set up this site so I can share the stories I write. I am highly aware of the process of writing because I also teach creative writing. In the new HSC English syllabus there is a focus on the craft of writing, and I wanted to explain, with each story, my specific writing process.  I want to show how stories can grow from a series of images, take shape from a throw-away line or can jump out from a jumbled whiteboard brainstorm. The title of my site is taken from an idea in Salman Rushdie’s ‘Haroun and the Sea of Stories’ where the characters travel to a secret moon covered in an ocean of stories, dip a cup in a swirling stream, and learn that no two stories are the same. Happy reading. And writing.


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